KEGG browser

    KEGG-pathways are available on the local server. This database can be browsed to look for Unigenes from salmon related to any specific pathway.

    As an example, you can select the cysteine metabolism on the left panel and you will see the full pathway with each component associated to an EC number on the right panel. If you click on any EC number, the lower panel will show all unigenes that have that EC number. Therefore, you will have candidate genes that are participating in the pathway and have the specific function selected (4 unigenes in Salmo salar).


  Gene Ontology is another classification tool that correlates with three main categories described for all organisms (Biological process, molecular function or cellular component).

  You can search for a specific GO number associated with the function of your interest or you can browse through the left panel to find any suitable for your research purposes.

    In the figure above, GO number 7225 corresponding to development function was searched in the Salmo salar unigene database. The upper panel shows a brief description of the term related to the number, the ontology associated to Interpro annotation system and the possibility to search through the database using just one GO number or the whole sub-tree of GO terms associated to it (In the example, GO:0007275).